Our selection of the best electric baby nose cleaner in Canada in 2021

Our selection of the best electric baby nose cleaner in Canada in 2021
Written by Agathe Rosse

When Baby catches a cold or a cold, he can’t blow his own nose and get rid of the discomfort. We catch the baby nose cleaner in the care kit, and we take care of it to try to relieve it. This essential care is not the most sympathetic, as much for parents as for Baby who gets his nose tickled. For a more practical and pleasant solution, technology has developed the electric baby nose cleaner, which allows you to relieve your little one of his mucus in a simple and quick way.

Discover our selection of the best electric baby nose cleaner and our opinions and recommendations on the subject, to choose the model that will relieve your toddler and make your task easier on the long winter days.

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What is an electric baby nose cleaner?

Washing your little cabbage’s nose is an indispensable care that should not be neglected when the weather cools and the runny nose period arrives. A small, clean and well-cleansed nose helps to prevent diseases and complications in the nasal mucous membranes. The electric baby nose cleaner does the same job as a suction or pear baby nose cleaner, except that the process is done by itself. The main advantage of this model is that it is much more hygienic than other baby nose cleaner, and the suction force is adapted to the quantity and density of the nasal secretions to be extracted. It therefore guarantees more comfort for parents, you will no longer have to suck up your baby’s mucus, who will be more comfortable with a suction power that respects baby’s nose.

Much more practical, the electric baby nose cleaner has revolutionized nose washing for many parents. The little snag is that these models are more expensive than classic baby nose cleaners. However, they quickly pay for themselves and are worth the effort in terms of user comfort.


How does the electric baby nose cleaner work?

Our selection of the best electric baby nose cleaner in Canada in 2021Just like a classic model, the baby nose cleaner is simple and intuitive to use. Simply insert the mouthpiece into your toddler’s nostril and press the on/off button. Depending on your model, you will be able to adjust the suction between several power levels, depending on the age of your cherub or the amount of mucus to be evacuated. If you feel that it is very stuffy, you can inject some saline into the blocked nose to make it easier to wash

Remember to wash mouthpieces and other parts of the device properly to avoid contamination of the respiratory tract and the spread of germs.

The electric baby nose cleaner is to be used as many times as baby needs! Just as we chain packs of tissues together when we have a cold, remember to clear your toddler’s nasal passages daily, or even several times a day if there is a lot of nasal congestion.


Which electric baby nose cleaner to choose?

Even if the revolution of the electric baby nose cleaner is quite recent, childcare brands have quickly taken hold of the concept to bring out new models. Before choosing a baby nose cleaner in a hurry, here are the different buying criteria to pay attention to.

  • The size of the tip

Most models are supplied with two or three tips to fit the size of the nostril. If there is only one nozzle, check the size and age of the nozzle to make sure that the baby nose cleaner will fit your toddler’s nostrils without hurting him or her.

  • Power and speeds

Choose an electric model equipped with several speeds with adjustable power. This allows you to adapt to the amount of clutter, and to avoid sucking too hard and hurting your little one if he is not too cluttered, or conversely not sucking hard enough if his nose is very blocked.

  • Engine noise

A small detail that makes the difference! Compared to a conventional baby nose cleaner, the electric baby nose cleaner has a single motor to operate. And this one can be more or less noisy depending on the models. A very noisy engine that doesn’t frighten baby will make him feel even less comfortable and safe.

  • Efficiency

The power must be high enough to remove the discomfort from the nasal cavities. Make sure that the product is working and fulfilling its function optimally before making an unnecessary purchase.

  • Maintenance

To prevent contamination and the spread of bacteria, the unit must be easy to clean and dry to ensure hygiene and safety.

  • The price

The prices of the electric baby nose cleaners are higher than the other models. This is not a problem if efficiency, comfort and safety are assured behind it. Discover our selection for baby nose cleaners at the best value for money!


Our comparison table of the best electric baby nose cleaners

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  1. Tomydoo II of Beaba

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The Béaba electric baby nose cleaner is very ergonomic, and will make the moment of care more pleasant and comfortable. Easy to use, all you have to do is block the opposite nostril and the device clears the other nostril by sucking out the mucus. It is easy to clean and comes with 3 tips to fit the size of nostrils without hurting Baby. The disadvantages of this model are that it has only one suction speed, and it is quite noisy. It will take some time before your toddler gets used to the sound of the engine.

The electric baby nose cleaner Beaba in pictures


  1. Nosiboo Electric Baby Noise Cleaner

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Rewarded for its design and efficiency, this baby nose cleaner model is revolutionary. Its pretty shape and colour soothes the child, who thinks it is a toy, making it easier to care for. With more than one trick up its sleeve, this model is a real gem! It is scalable and hybrid, you can use it in both electric and manual mode according to your needs. With 7 powers adjustable according to the mucus, your toddler will have his nose unclogged in 10 seconds watch in hand. It is supplied with 2 tips to adapt to the nostril. It is particularly expensive compared to other models, but stands out for its efficiency and very original design. It is very hygienic and can be washed very simply to eliminate all germs. A blocked nose quickly forgotten, despite the little noise of the engine, which is far from being disturbing for baby.

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  1. Sumgott’s baby nose cleaner

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Supplied with 4 tips that follow baby as he grows, the Sumgott electric baby nose cleaner has 3 levels of suction to respect the little blocked nose. It cleans up very quickly and is super effective in clearing the nose of toddlers and older children. It is distinguished by the incomparable silence of the engine, which allows you not to frighten baby and to lavish care in complete tranquillity.

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  1. Piaek nasal aspirator

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Say goodbye to nasal mucus in no time at all thanks to its 5 suction speeds that ensure a clean nose and gentle suctioning. Four mouthpieces are provided: two small ones for infants from 0 to 2 years old, the other two for 2 years old and older. The best part is the small LCD screen that gives information about the battery and the consumption of the baby fly. A timer is integrated with an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes to avoid a too long and annoying use for your toddler.

The Piaek electric baby nose cleaner in pictures


Best electric baby nose cleaners: why trust us?

Thank you for reading this article! Because we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, each of our recommendations is the result of a long work of analysis of consumer opinions on flagship and little-known products on the market, of comparison of prices and technical characteristics, but also and above all of tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed in order to keep a real objectivity to help you in your purchasing process.

All the purchasing criteria are scrutinized for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, pack and accessories, safety… All this in order to help you choose the products best suited to your needs, desires and constraints on a daily basis, at the best price!

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