Best Portable Compressor in Canada in 2021: Buying Guide and Comparison

Best Portable Compressor in Canada in 2021: Buying Guide and Comparison
Written by Agathe Rosse

We’ve already told you about the best silent air compressor. This is a handy tool for inflating, pressure cleaning, painting or other DIY jobs. Even though it is very practical, the compressor is still bulky and difficult to move. It requires space to store it and can often be heavy to move.

The solution? The portable compressor! Equally effective with many features, it is much more manageable and more suitable for home use. Discover our selection of the best portable air compressors for quick and easy use!


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What is a portable compressor?

Best Portable Compressor in Canada in 2021: Buying Guide and ComparisonAs you can see, the mini compressor is a smaller, portable version of the air compressor. Like its top model, its main function is inflation. With your portable compressor, you can easily inflate tires, mattresses, balloons, swimming pools etc.. But that’s not all! In addition to inflating, it simply de-dusts anything you wish. This feature is very practical, especially for your household appliances. The different nozzles available with your portable compressor allow you to get into even the tightest corners! And as we all know, good maintenance of your appliances promotes a long life. In addition to the blower function to inflate or clean, some miniature compressors offer you other possibilities, such as painting, stapling, screwing, gluing… With all its possibilities, the portable compressor is a must in your workshop, whether you are a professional handyman or an amateur!


Our selection of the 5 best portable air compressors

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Portable air compressor COOAU

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If you are looking for a very cheap but efficient device for simple inflation, this small compressor will make you happy! With its small price, it will not offer you all the features of a mini compressor, but is rather efficient to inflate everything you want: car, truck, bicycle, inflatable boats, swimming pools… It will take 5 minutes on average to inflate a classic tire. Inflation is done under programming: you just have to indicate the pressure you want, and the compressor inflates autonomously up to the desired value. With a digital LCD screen and a lamp, you won’t have any worries about using it day or night! You can choose the pressure unit on the display, in PSI or bar. Lightweight and robust, unbeatable value for money for occasional use.

Small hitch: the portable compressor can only be plugged into the cigarette lighter, and therefore cannot be used at home.

Taking monthly detours to the garage to check my tire pressure used to be a thing of the past. Now I can check when and where I want and adjust the pressure if necessary.
Very compact, the compressor doesn’t take up any space in my trunk. The cigarette lighter power cable is large so you can drive around the car without any worries. Easy to use, just specify the desired value and the compressor does the rest. Pretty satisfied.

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The COOAU portable compressor in pictures


Miny Revolution’Air portable compressor

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This mini tank-less compressor will be your ally for cleaning, inflating, or stapling. With a power supply, it is compact with storage space for accessories for quick and convenient use. Supplied with an air gun, you will need to purchase bits or other accessories elsewhere if you wish to complete your toolbox. However, given its price, this model of portable compressor lacks a little quality and robustness, with a pressure that runs out of steam quite quickly. Convenient for cleaning computer equipment or appliances, it may be a little too light for heavy inflation.

This compressor is perfect for cleaning computer equipment.
For the price of a few bombs of compressed air, we have here an unlimited capacity. It may make a lot of noise (much more than a vacuum cleaner for example), but you don’t leave it on to sleep! 🙂
The gun is very handy, the hose is quite long (about 2.5m), the power cable is a bit short (about 1m).

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OASSER portable air compressor

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Just like the first model, this small compressor operates autonomously with the desired pressure setting. Compatible only on cigar lighter with a 3m cable, this compressor is mainly intended for inflating pneumatic objects. Equipped with an LCD screen and LED lighting, you can use it whenever you need it. Delivered with different tips and accessories, this portable compressor will make you happy for a very low price.

Electric compressor that only plugs into the car socket.
Handy for inflating any type of tire when you’re out and about, buoys, balloons, car or bicycle tires.
The various connections are supplied. The length of the electric cable is sufficient.

For my part I set the PSI pressure higher than recommended on the packaging because otherwise it stops automatically too fast.
Good value for money, so you don’t have to buy a large compressor.
Just be careful to keep the engine running during use to avoid discharging the battery.

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The OASSER portable compressor in pictures

The OASSER portable compressor in video


Super Squirrel Revolution’Air portable compressor

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This Revolution’Air portable compressor is a step up from the model seen above. More robust and better equipped, it allows many uses with efficiency, from inflating to cleaning, painting, blowing or stapling. It requires a little maintenance on its 6L tank, to be emptied from time to time. Very practical with its small wheels and handle, it has plenty of storage space to have everything at hand, whatever you use it for! Slightly noisy, compressor remains an excellent model with a price that is worth its quality for regular use.

All these possibilities in such a small space.
Convenient and sufficient for the desired use.
I highly recommend to clean greasy tools, lawnmowers, inflate wheelbarrow wheels, quad wheels etc..
And not so loud that some people notice.
To be recommended.

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Michelin portable compressor

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This digital compressor is specially designed for inflating pneumatic objects. Designed by the Michelin tyre brand, it works automatically after adjusting the desired pressure for your inflation. Practical and compact, the pressure display seems to be unreliable and the device seems to heat up a bit quickly. It is quite useful for a small use, but is not robust over time, which is not very surprising considering its price. This Michelin compressor remains an efficient device for small inflation.

Very good tire inflation device. It only takes a few minutes to go from well deflated tires to well inflated tires.
The device allows you to set the desired pressure and then automatically inflates the tire until it is reached, so you don’t have to keep your eyes on the manometer. It inflates more slowly and gradually as it approaches the desired pressure to make sure it is just right, as a human would do.
The only downside is that I find the cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket a bit too short. In an Audi A4 Estate, you can’t do the front wheels by plugging into the trunk. Must be plugged into the passenger compartment and must pass the unit through an open window or door.
It is also a little noisy but nothing unusual for this kind of device. Since inflation is automatic, you can walk away during operation if you have sensitive ears.

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The Michelin portable compressor in pictures

How to choose the right portable compressor?

Before you start buying a portable compressor, it is important to observe a few criteria. These tools are intended to last and promise efficiency and practicality, so it is important to check that the promises are well kept through a few characteristics.

  • Its practicality

The goal in choosing a portable compressor is convenience. You should therefore check that its dimensions and weight correspond to your needs. The heavier and larger the unit, the more powerful it will be, and will be able to perform at high performance levels. If you need it for small uses, a more compact compressor will do the job.

  • Food

Depending on the type of portable compressor, you can choose from a variety of power supply options. Some models are electric and recharge on power supply. Other diesel or petrol engines, more suitable for outdoor use.

  • The power

Generally speaking, the power of a mini compressor is between 1.5CV and 6CV, to be chosen according to the use you wish to make of it.

  • The tank

Depending on the model, you will find portable compressors with or without air receiver. The choice must be made according to your needs. A tankless portable compressor will be much lighter and more compact, and therefore easier to use. A model with a reservoir allows a more constant air flow and prevents the engine from overheating too quickly.

  • The pressure

Indicated in bar, the higher the pressure, the more you will be able to carry out large operations. For basic tyre inflation and cleaning, an average pressure of 6 bar is more than sufficient.

  • Accessories

Your portable compressor comes with different tips and accessories that give you access to more or less functionality. Depending on your needs and use, check that the model you choose corresponds to your expectations.

  • The price

An important criterion in your choice of purchase, the price of portable compressors can range from around €30 to €500. The higher the price, the greater the efficiency and functionality of the device. But if you only need the basic functions for easy use, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a very advanced model.


The different types of portable compressors?

On the market, you can find different models of mini compressors to study according to your needs, but also according to the space you have at home and the use you will have. You will find 5 models:

  • The wireless portable compressor: this model runs on battery power, and therefore does not require electricity during use. Very practical, just recharge the batteries before use.
  • The portable compressor starter: more than just a compressor, this model is also a power source and can recharge batteries by supplying up to 12V of electricity. It can therefore restart your car if your battery runs out. A handy multi-cap device!
  • The silent portable compressor: like the silent air compressor, it is always more pleasant to have a device that does not emit noise when in use. Comfort for you, and for those around you!
  • The portable compressor on cigarette lighter: for even more convenience, this model works by simply plugging into your car’s cigarette lighter.
  • The portable compressor without tank: Most mini compressor models have a tank to store compressed air. However, if you wish, you can also find lighter and more manageable compressors without tanks, which compress the air continuously.


How does a portable air compressor work?

This small do-it-yourself device works very simply, whether it is battery, mains or petrol powered. When you start the portable compressor, the engine will drive the cylinder that compresses the air in the tank to put it under pressure. Once the unit has reached the desired pressure, the engine stops running, and you will only need to use it as you wish, for inflation, cleaning, painting etc. If you have chosen a portable compressor without receiver, the motor runs continuously to provide the desired air pressure.


Where to buy a portable compressor?

If you’re looking for a portable compressor, you can easily find one at DIY stores like Bricorama, Castorama, or ManoMano.

To have more choice, you can also find your happiness easily on platforms such as Cdiscount or Amazon.


Best portable compressor: why trust us?

Thank you for reading this article! Because we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, each of our recommendations is the result of a long work of analysis of consumer opinions on flagship and little-known products on the market, of comparison of prices and technical characteristics, but also and above all of tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed in order to keep a real objectivity to help you in your purchasing process.

All the purchasing criteria are scrutinized for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, pack and accessories, safety… All this in order to help you choose the products best suited to your needs, desires and constraints on a daily basis, at the best price!

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