TOP 5 car toys rugs for children in Canada in 2021

TOP 5 car toys rugs for children in Canada in 2021
Written by Agathe Rosse

For lovers of small cars, the play mats for small cars allow your drivers to have fun on the roads and invent endless adventures. While creating stories for themselves, these mats stimulate the imagination and motor skills of your little ones, while familiarizing them with the urban environment. With a double functionality, these carpets become real play areas for children, while decorating the room and protecting the floors.

Timeless for generations, there are many play mats for children, to suit all ages, all rooms, and with different designs to please all tastes! Discover our selection of the five best children’s car mats, and follow our comparison guide to find the best carpet for your toddler at the best value for money.

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What is a kiddie car racetrack mat?

TOP 5 car toys rugs for children in Canada in 2021A car play mat is a floor mat that stages car circuits in different universes with urban or rural circuits to create a fun and playful universe for your budding drivers. These small carpets can be integrated into the children’s room to create a real playground where your little one can play for hours on end by creating multiple stories with his little cars, alone or in a group.

These children’s play mats come in several sizes, with different patterns and materials, to suit your children’s room and tastes, and combine decoration, comfort and fun.


Our favorite: the Y-BOA Anti-Slip and Anti-Shock Floor Mat

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Y-BOA – tapis de sol Puzzle 9 pieces – circuits de route

We love it:

  • Soft patterns and colours with attractive little drawings, all cute for children.
  • The evolutionary puzzle side that allows us to shape the circuits and the universe as our little ones wish, to develop their imagination and allow them to live more and more adventures with their cars.

Our comparison

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How to choose your car mat?

Before starting to buy a circuit carpet, it is necessary to be vigilant with certain criteria to ensure a purchase that meets your expectations and needs.

The size

Of course, you must choose a children’s play mat that will fit your little one’s room and that won’t take up too much space by taking up all the room. However, the mat should not be too small, so that your cherub has a space big enough to have fun and is not constrained by the limits of the circuit.

The setting

Choose your car circuit according to the motifs shown and the world you and your toddler prefer. City, countryside, sea, circus, Disney etc. there are many choices to suit your tastes. To ensure that your offspring awakens in the best conditions and stimulates their imagination, promote a wealth of scenery to let them express themselves with their little cars and characters!

The solidity

Your driver will spend many hours playing on his play mat, having fun rolling, jumping, falling and crashing his little cars on the mat. To avoid having to change the car circuit every three months, choose a carpet with a ruggedness that will allow Mini Schumacher to express itself freely with its cars, without fear of damaging its carpet.


Comfort is a very important criterion in your choice of car mats. Your toddler will be sitting, crawling or crawling for hours, focused on his play, so it’s crucial that he’s comfortable! So prefer fairly thick foam or cotton mats, especially for toddlers. To ensure their safety, you can also find anti-slip mats.


Our selection: the 5 best car mats for car games

Discover our top 5 of the most popular car circuit mats on the market. We have compared the different play mats to help you choose the model that will best suit your little one.

1. Achoka – Reversible Play Mat – Routes Bord De Mer

Achoka - Tapis De Jeux Reversible - Routes Bord De MerA large reversible circuit carpet that allows your cherubs to have fun in two different worlds to let their imagination and their little cars discover the little details hidden in the city and on the seaside. With twice as many play possibilities, your little angel will be able to discover on one side an urban circuit that reveals the city, its roads, go to the circus or pass by the garages, and on the other side, he will be able to visit the coast, walk on the beach and climb to the top of the lighthouse.
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2. Leomark – Children’s Play Carpet Car Circuit In The City

Leomark - Tapis de Jeu Pour Enfants Circuit de Voitures Dans la VilleAssemble the 4 small rubber mats as you like to create the worlds you want with this transformable mat! Non-slip and adhesive on the floor, your toddler will be able to modify his circuit as he wishes by changing the 4 pieces of the place mat. He will thus be able to reshape his play space to have endless fun!
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3. Y-BOA – floor mats Puzzle 9 pieces – road circuits

Y-BOA – tapis de sol Puzzle 9 pieces – circuits de routeThis 9-piece puzzle mat allows your little driver to build his car circuit to create his own world with his stories. With thick foam slabs, he will be able to have many hours of fun with his little cars. In addition to being able to change his environment, your toddler will have fun building and rebuilding his puzzles, developing his spatial assembly skills.

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4.Snapstyle – Disney Cars Play Mat

Snapstyle – tapis de jeu Cars DisneyFor fans of Cars and thrilling races, this car game mat will immerse them in the world of these racing cars. This woven rug comes in 17 sizes to fit all children’s bedrooms. It’s up to him to follow in the footsteps of Flash McQueen and become the smallest of the great drivers with his race car!

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5. Luwu-Store – foam car circuit mats for car circuits

Luwu-Store – tapis d eveil circuits voiture mousseThis thick foam awakening mat is ideal for the first age. Comfortable, babies will be able to have fun and discover their motor skills in complete safety, on a soft and colourful circuit. Thanks to the numbers on the mat, your little darling will also be able to learn the numbering by leading him to follow an order on the circuit with his little car. The plus: this baby play mat comes with a small storage bag to carry it everywhere and is machine washable!

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Why buy your child a playground equipment?

These car circuit mats are gifts for all ages and have many advantages.

These educational toys promote your toddler’s alertness and motor skills by encouraging him to move around on the playground to follow the circuit or bring his characters to life. In this way, your little one will discover its motor skills, and will progress as it goes along, starting by crawling, then crawling on all fours and finally standing up. The details and patterns present on the carpet stimulate observation and understanding of its environment, by analysing the different elements present before his eyes.

As you grow older, your Loulou will understand the aspects of carpeting more clearly, associating them with its everyday environment. This ground game allows your toddlers to familiarize themselves with the world around them, recognizing buildings, roads, police station, fire trucks etc.. More than car games, these carpets are real educational games. The car mat is educational by getting the child to learn while having fun. The older ones can start to discover the traffic rules with the road signs, a good training for our future drivers!

Contrary to what one might think, the circuit carpet is not just a carpet for cars! It’s up to your cherub to decide which elements will make up the set for his game. Animals, dolls, figurines, constructions, which will create a real universe in the game space. These mats help to develop children’s imagination by offering them a setting and circuits, but letting them bring their own elements to create their stories and adventures. The playful carpet becomes the basis of the imagination.

The bigger the carpet, the more it is possible to make up incredible stories, inviting friends to join the playground to share the adventures. This awakening area allows you to have a good time together, to experience the craziest chases in the heart of the city, to find hidden shortcuts, or to find the treasure at the other end of the city without having to go before the police!


How much does a car play mat cost?

The price of a car circuit mat varies according to its size, the material, the manufacturing… you can find circuit mats from 9 to 80€, enough to adapt to all budgets! For a respectable quality, a minimum budget of 20€ is required.


Where to buy a car play mat?

Unavoidable and timeless, you can find them in all children’s toy stores such as Oxybul, Vertbaudet, la grande récré, as well as a multitude on the internet.


Best car game mats: why trust us?

Thank you for reading this article! Because we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, each of our recommendations is the result of a long work of analysis of consumer opinions on flagship and little-known products on the market, of comparison of prices and technical characteristics, but also and above all of tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed in order to keep a real objectivity to help you in your purchasing process.

All the purchasing criteria are scrutinized for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, pack and accessories, safety… All this in order to help you choose the products best suited to your needs, desires and constraints on a daily basis, at the best price!

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