Which pallet cushions to choose for a cocooning exterior ?

Which pallet cushions to choose for a cocooning exterior ?
Written by Agathe Rosse

Pallets have become a big trend in recent years. Whether amateurs or DIY pros, these wooden boards are increasingly recycled and reused to create furniture that is authentic, raw and ultra-designed. The advantage of these pallets is that they can be used to bring both indoor and outdoor furniture to life. If you have a garden, nothing is better to create a cocooning space for yourself than a palette sofa to lounge and sunbathe. Of course, it is necessary to dress your pallets with outdoor cushions for more comfort and aesthetics and to create a cozy garden. To help you choose the garden cushions that will brighten up your outdoor living room, we have selected the best pallet cushions for you.


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What is a pallet cushion ?

Quite simply, a pallet cushion is a bench cushion, which adapts to the size of the pallet on which you wish to place it. It makes for a much more comfortable seat than wood, and adds the touch of colour you want. Unlike most cushions, these are usually flat and rectangular, to really create a bench for your pallet sofa. These cushions are designed here to be placed on a sofa pallet, but they can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be added to any piece of furniture, sofa, chair…


How to choose your outdoor cushions ?

Salon de jardin en palettes


The different models of outdoor pallet cushions are rather similar. However, there are a few things you should consider before you buy, to make sure you choose the right one for your garden furniture.

  • Comfort

Since this is where you will be settling down to spend some relaxing time, it is important that the pallet cushions you choose are comfortable and thick if you don’t want to feel the hardness of the wood. Even if some cushions are rather aesthetic and design, it’s not worth it if they’re not comfortable.

Comfort will be defined in terms of thickness and touch. The pallet cushion should be thick enough not to smell like wood, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want a soft or hard seat, depending on your preferences.

  • The material of the cushion cover

The cushion material is also important to consider, so that the touch is pleasant when you sit down. Prefer a soft and pleasant cover that does not stick to the skin. The material is not only for comfort, but also for practicality and solidity. Just think of it as a cushion that will be on the outside. You must therefore choose between different textiles to ensure that it is waterproof and easily washable for easy care. The best option is to opt for a cushion with a removable cover, with a cover that can be machine-washed or simply washed by hand. The better the quality of the cushion covers, the less your filling will be damaged, and will therefore last longer.

Amenager son espace en palette

  • The solidity

In conjunction with the material of the cover and the quality of the fabric and padding, strength is an essential factor. Your garden furniture cushion will be outdoors, and will need to be weather resistant to last over time. It is important that it does not get damaged at the first rain, that the seams are strong, and that the fabric does not crack when it meets a splinter.

  • The design

More than simple comfort, you should also think about the role of a decorative cushion, to add a little design to your palette sofa. You can find different colours to choose from, depending on your taste for a garden furniture that suits you!

  • The dimensions

The pallets are not always the same size, which can make it difficult to find an outdoor cushion with the right dimensions, especially if you have assembled several pallets to create a sofa or bench. Several sizes are generally proposed, some brands also offer custom sizes, depending on the size you need to choose. Some models are sold in kit form, with seat and backrest, you will also find large cushions that fold to make a seat with a backrest, others are only sold separately. Depending on your garden bench or sofa, you will be able to choose the most suitable model.


Our comparison of the best pallet cushions

Which pallet cushions to choose for a cocooning exterior ?

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Eco palette sofa cushions – Beautissu

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This pallet cushion is very aesthetic and comfortable, but leaves something to be desired in terms of quality. Comfort level, there is nothing to complain about, it is well upholstered, and very pleasant, both in the seat and the backrest. Quite thick, it allows you to be very comfortable without feeling the hardness of the palette. On the other hand, when it comes to the fabric and manufacturing, we cannot say that the quality is there. The buttons tend to come off quite quickly, and the seams in general seem quite fragile. If you plan to put it outside, remember to bring it indoors when the weather is bad. It loses its colour quite quickly when it is outside, the fabric gets damaged with the sun and becomes duller. Don’t be fooled by the description, which does not make it clear that the seat and backrest are sold separately!

It’s a nice and comfortable cushion, but rather light in quality, which is understandable when you see the price. It is more suitable for indoor use than for use in a summer garden.

These cushions fit perfectly with the dimensions of the pallets we had and are very comfortable.
The only snag would seem to be the stitching finish since threads were coming out all over one of the back cushions and on one seat, a button went off after the second use.

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Cushions for padded pallets – Gutekissen

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To dress up your outside, these garden cushions will be ideal. Available in 25 different colours and geometric patterns, you will find your happiness to combine aesthetics, comfort and quality. With thick and very comfortable upholstery, you can choose between different seat and back sizes to find the cushions and covers that will fit perfectly on your palette sofa. Resistant to stains and UV radiation, the fabric will last quite well over time, keeping its colour for a long time. Even if the cushions are described as waterproof, remember not to leave them outside too much in case of too much rain, to damage them much less quickly. A good quality product, quite reasonable in terms of price!

Package received before the estimated date.
I’m totally surprised by the quality.
I thought I’d settle for cushions that would serve their purpose for a season.
But no, they’re great: dimensions 120X80, colour, thickness, comfort. Go for it, you’ll have a great, trendy, affordable living room.

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Eco bench seat cushion – Beautissu

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This small bench seat with foam upholstery is very simple, but still comfortable and of high quality. With a very resistant fabric that can be easily washed with a sponge or machine wash, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living room as soon as the sunny weather arrives. Little hiccups: the mattress is not very thick, which takes away some comfort with the risk of feeling the pallets. The colour will fade slightly if you leave it a little too much in the rain or the sun. For the backrest, you can choose a 1-piece or 2-piece rectangular cushion, rather practical according to your needs, and you will have the choice between 4 colours.

Super, the product arrived early, with the possibility of shifting the day of delivery for those who are not available.
The product is completely as described, the size is perfect for the palette, the colour is beautiful and the seat is comfortable. On top!

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Tino Lounge paddle cushion set – PROHEIM

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These high-quality cushions are sold as a kit, with back and seat, for a price that is certainly higher than the others, but which is clearly due to the quality. Very well finished and available in 7 different colours, this set will perfectly dress up your palettes for a more than comfortable set of garden furniture. Sturdy and resistant, you won’t want to get off the couch! Flat, if you order several cushions, it happens that the color of the different pieces are different, even if you ordered the same one. Cushions with excellent value for money!

Despite the volume it’s really light, I walked for 10 minutes with it quietly. And then… I love its design and its special fabric…And for comfort… No, but I’m hallucinating… Now I understand the price… I’ve just never been better in a chair before. I was so good in it that he ended up in my bed to make me an improvised couch and sleep in it yet I have a great mattress… I just want to have it all over the place and live in it! I hope that it is well maintained and that over time it is a good product. I don’t regret but I really don’t regret my purchase… As soon as the sun comes up it’s gonna be so cool on the terrace.

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Garden bench cushion – Meerweh

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Sold in one piece for a very reasonable price, you will have a seat and a backrest. The cushion has a seam in the middle, so it can be folded in half to create a complete chair. Very thick and therefore very comfortable, this outdoor palette cushion kit is of good quality, available in 4 colours. A very pleasant outdoor cushion, both in terms of design and comfort. Like all other models, it is important to bring it in during bad weather to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

Very satisfied with this article! We bought several of them for a pallet garden furniture set. The dimensions correspond to what we were looking for and comfortable foam. Good value for money!

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How do you make your own palette cushions?

If you’re a bit of a handyman and handyman and prefer to make your own cushions, it’s entirely feasible! To make your cushions to measure to dress your bench in a pallet, you will need :

  • Foam, or foam flakes, which will be used as filling, take enough according to the size of your cushion and the density you want.
  • A fabric for the cover, which is resistant and waterproof, easily found in fabric stores.
  • Grab or scratch strips to prevent your cushion from slipping.
  • Safe sewing skills and patience!

To find out how to do it, here is a little tuto to make your own cushions!


Where can I find outdoor pallet cushions?

To find cushions for your pallet sofas or garden furniture and create a cosy atmosphere outdoors, you have a wide choice, either in stores or online.

In stores, you can find them in furniture, furnishings and decoration stores, such as IKEA, Gifi, Conforama, Jardiland, Alinea, Leroy Merlin, Mr Bricolage etc.

Online, you will find them at La Redoute, Mano Mano or other online sales brands, as well as on platforms such as Cdiscount or Amazon.


Favourite inspirations

Here is our selection for a successful garden furniture set in pallets! Sofa, armchair and small table for an authentic exterior.

Best pallet cushions: why trust us?

Thank you for reading this article! Because we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, each of our recommendations is the result of a long work of analysis of consumer opinions on flagship and little-known products on the market, of comparison of prices and technical characteristics, but also and above all of tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed in order to keep a real objectivity to help you in your purchasing process.

All the purchasing criteria are scrutinized for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, pack and accessories, safety… All this in order to help you choose the products best suited to your needs, desires and constraints on a daily basis, at the best price!

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